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A Fair Child Support Plan

woburn child support lawyerAs you plan for your future, whether you are an unmarried parent or you are going through a divorce, you want to know what you can expect from your child support plan. You also want to ensure you have a plan in place that accurately reflects your current financial situation. An experienced lawyer can make sure your parental rights are protected. Woburn child support attorney Pauline Scalley is ready to help you through this often difficult process.

A Child Support Plan to Provide for Your Children & Protect Your Rights

All parents want to take care of their kids. Once you have a child custody and parenting plan, the next thing you need to know is what you can expect in for child support. Whether you are going to have to make child support payments or you will be receiving child support payments, understanding the situation will aid in helping you plan what is best for your kids.

Generally, the amount of child support is determined according to the Massachusetts child support guidelines. Attorney Scalley can evaluate your case and help you determine what your child support plan may look like. The formula considers a number of factors, including the number of children, income of both parents, health insurance and child care costs.

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The child support order is a significant court decision that dramatically affects your financial future. As such, it is paramount that you obtain the best outcome. Attorney Scalley will help you gather all necessary financial documents and ensure you have all the financial information you need to obtain the best financial arrangement for your kids. Contact Attorney Scalley today to schedule an appointment.