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Attorney Scalley will Protect Your Parental Rights

woburn child custody attorneyYou want to be there for your children. Whether you are going through a divorce, you are involved in a paternity dispute, or you want to modify your current child custody plan, an experienced lawyer can help you do what is best for you and your kids. For over two decades, Woburn child custody attorney Pauline Scalley has been helping Massachusetts families come up with child custody plans tailored to their needs.

A Child Custody Plan That Works for You and Your Kids

Massachusetts courts make custody decisions based on what’s in the best interest of the child or children. This often involves designating one parent as the custodial parent and the other as the noncustodial parent, but it may involve other ways of dividing both physical and legal custody. An alternative way of dividing custody could be a shared parenting plan; a plan in which each parent has equal time with the child or children.

Attorney Scalley will help you develop a comprehensive parenting plan that respects your custody and visitation rights. While a negotiated child custody settlement is the ideal situation, this outcome is not always possible. If you are unable to work with your co-parent to develop a child custody plan, Attorney Scalley will be ready to protect your parental rights in court.

Handling Post-Decree Child Custody Disputes

Even after your child custody plan has been arranged, disputes sometimes may arise. If one parent gets remarried or decides to move away, it will have a major impact on your current child custody plan. Attorney Scalley can help you through these difficult times as she is prepared to handle both child custody enforcement and modification.

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You want to do what is best for your kids and coming up with the best possible child custody plan is the first step. Your lawyer’s job is to help you explore their options so you can create a plan that meets the unique needs of your family. Contact Attorney Scalley today to schedule an appointment.